The Internet is Finally More Popular than Cable

Newly released research has announced that more Americans are now using broadband Internet service connections to watch television as compared to using cable TV services. This revealing finding demonstrates just to what extent the Internet has become a part of our everyday lives, and how popular it has become to stream TV content on our computers.

The Numbers

The report, which was conducted by the Leichtman Research Group, reported that there are 49,915,000 broadband Internet subscribers in the United States, as compared to the 49,910,000 cable television subscribers. Although the difference is almost negligible, most believe that the gap between these numbers will continue to widen as more customers decide to view their television shows online.

These numbers also indicate a switch in consumers’ priorities. Of course, cable subscribers should not worry that their service will be going away in the near future. In all reality, the report mainly indicates that cable services are becoming the more secondary choice for customers. Most find cable as “nice to have,” but consider having Internet access as more important because of the wide range of things you can do with it.

Good News for Cable Companies?

Ultimately, this report may end up being a good thing for cable companies. This is mostly because they won’t have to work out content deals for their broadband services like they have to do for their cable television services. Instead, all cable companies would have to do is just provide their customers with a means to access content, as opposed to having to directly provide content to them.

Viewing Habits Have Changed

Unless you have been living under a rock over the last couple of years, you know how popular streaming services (such as Netflix and Hulu Plus have become. Most likely, some of your Twitter followers have tweeted about binge watching a whole TV series in a just couple of days, and are now asking followers for suggestions of which show to indulge in next.

These monthly subscription services allow those who are no longer willing to pay for cable to still access most of their favorite television shows, whenever they want. With the wide variety of access to entertainment that is available to those with an Internet connection, some believe that a cable subscription is no longer required.

This change in customers’ viewing habits makes it difficult to determine just how necessary cable television really is. While the figures may suggest a more Internet-prone society, most of the 50 million cable television subscribers aren’t ready to give up their service yet. Many still enjoy the convenience of turning on the TV and easily tuning into their favorite TV shows. Will these on-demand streaming services be the death of cable TV as we know it?

Although the numbers may be leaning towards this conclusion, only time will really tell what is going to happen as our entertainment needs continue to grow and need to be met. In any case, cable companies still look to be in good shape… for now.

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