Amazon Dash Button

Amazon’s “Dash Button” Makes Online Shopping Even Easier

I’m fairly convinced that Amazon, Google, and Apple will take over the world one day, or at least make it so I never have to step into a brick-and-mortar store…

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wind farm on a hill

How the White House Plans to Modernize Our Energy Infrastructure

With barely more than 20 months to go in Barack Obama’s presidency, it’s become clear that the Administration wants to leave a lasting legacy when it comes to climate change….

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iron man gauntlet

Hobbyist Creates a Real Life Iron Man Gauntlet

Have you ever watched one of the Iron Man movies and wondered what it would be like to own gloves with a laser burst weapon just like Tony Stark? I…

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robotic cook

Robots Are Coming for Our Chefs’ Jobs Next

It’s no big surprise that, throughout the next few decades, certain everyday tasks will allow for automated alternatives. Whether it’s a self-driving car that can replace a taxi driver, or…

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milk splashing

Science Finally Proves It: Milk Is Overrated

A lot of us conduct our lives in accordance with what we call “conventional wisdom.” The only problem with that approach, of course, is how often conventional wisdom fails us,…

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child scientist

Why Food Additives Have Escaped FDA Scrutiny—Until Now

It’s no secret that foods with extra preservatives and additives aren’t generally the healthiest. What many people don’t know is that those additives can have worse side effects than they…

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google logo

Don’t Be Evil: Why the EU Thinks Google Is a Monopoly

For anyone with an Internet connection, Google is all but omnipresent: it’s how we search the web, get directions to our next destination, and for some of us, it powers…

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wearable technology

More Than Just Watches: The Wearable Revolution Is Here

During Apple’s “Spring Forward” event early last month, Tim Cook announced that the long awaited smartwatch would be available for purchase on April 24th (preorders start on April 10th—that’s TOMORROW!)….

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Jay-Z Tidal

Jay-Z Built the Latest Unnecessary Music Streaming Service

This past weekend, Jay-Z and Roc Nation tweeted that they planned on releasing big news on Monday. Afterwards, speculation abounded. Is Jay-Z releasing a new album? Is he retiring again?…

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