Hobbyist Creates a Real Life Iron Man Gauntlet

iron man gauntlet

Have you ever watched one of the Iron Man movies and wondered what it would be like to own gloves with a laser burst weapon just like Tony Stark? I know I have.

Apparently, Patrick Priebe, a German cyberweapons hobbyist, felt the same way. Except he wasn’t content with merely dreaming about owning one; he actually built one. That’s right—he created a gauntlet similar in design to the one used in Marvel’s Iron Man and Avengers films.

A Real Life Iron Man Gauntlet

His device is a dual-laser glove that emits sound effects and a “shell” ejector similar to the one Stark uses in Iron Man 2. The two embedded lasers really work: one is red and the other blue. The red laser serves as the one-off shot and sits inside a top-mounted hatch, while the blue laser is embedded in the palm.

To use the one-off laser, the wearer simply needs to flip the glove’s main switch to “charge,” which begins to prepare the internal components. It’s not really charging anything, mind you—it’s just for effect. The gauntlet even sounds off with the appropriate charging noise, and illuminates five LEDs positioned in the palm.

Next, one must press the first of three buttons on a paired wireless controller to open the hatch on top of the glove. Pressing the second button on the controller will fire the 800-mW red laser located inside the hatch. You can see this clearly in the demo video below:

What Can the Glove Actually Do?

Don’t be fooled. The glove isn’t just for looks alone—there’s an additional 3,000-mW blue palm-based laser that’s strong enough to burn wood and other materials. That can be activated while wearing the glove by flexing your wrist, which causes it to interact with an integrated pressure plate.

The third and final button is for ejecting a flat aluminum slug or cartridge that serves as the one-off laser’s spent casing. As you may remember from Iron Man 2 and Avengers that the superhero had a unique spinning laser that would shoot out in bursts—but he could only use it once. That’s exactly what Priebe was trying to mimic with his own red laser.

The entire shell of Priebe’s glove is comprised of aluminum and brass and it has been painted to match Iron Man’s iconic red armor. Priebe says that the glove took him about three weeks to complete.

If you’d like to see it in action, you can check out the video embed below.



This is not Priebe’s first time creating a gadget from the Iron Man series. In the past, he also whipped up a laser gauntlet, as well as a rocket-launching gauntlet. Other interesting projects he’s completed include a Spider-man Webshooter, Cyclops’ Laser Eyes from X-Men, and a Dead Space inspired plasma cutter. Priebe has listed the specs and project demos for all his creations on his personal site.

This is some pretty crazy stuff. I suppose one takeaway is that if a hobbyist like Preibe can build it, a millionaire character such as Tony Stark could definitely do the same.

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