Welcome! The Byte Beat is a home for our commentary on technology, science, and life in a rapidly changing world.

Who’s behind The Byte Beat? We are Jenna Tsui and Caleb Danziger, college besties hoping to stay in touch post-graduation by running this very blog.

About Caleb Danziger

If I had to guess, I’d say that my fascination with technology, science, and “the way things work” has its roots in my thoroughly LEGO-strewn childhood. You’d often find me amid piles of bricks, assembling spaceships or moon bases.

I don’t have much time for LEGOs these days, but my affinity for all things mechanical and technological is still going strong. This blog is an attempt to channel not just my inner child, but to indulge my love of gadgetry, technological progress, scientific discovery, and the intersection of technology and politics.

About Jenna Tsui

Hailing from a tech-friendly family, I’ve been using computers since I was an infant, and tinkering with websites since the wild days of Xanga and MySpace. While I’ve adapted a little to modern times (I will be the first to admit that WordPress is lightyears ahead of the likes of LJ), I still love ducking behind the scenes, taking things apart, and seeing how they work.

I started this blog with Caleb because I’m too hyperactive to stick with it on my own we both have a love for what makes things tick, and are both verbose enough to want to share a running commentary on the things that interest us. I hope you find something you enjoy reading here!