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Meet The Team

About Caleb Danziger

If I had to guess, I’d say that my fascination with technology, science, and “the way things work” has its roots in my thoroughly LEGO-strewn childhood. You’d often find me amid piles of bricks, assembling spaceships or moon bases.

I don’t have much time for LEGOs these days, but my affinity for all things mechanical and technological is still going strong. I have a deep love of gadgetry, technological progress, scientific discovery, and the intersection of technology and politics.

About Jenna Tsui

Hailing from a tech-friendly family, I’ve been fascinated by computers since I was a toddler, tinkering with technology since the wild days of Xanga and Windows 95. While I’ve adapted to modern times, I still love taking things apart and seeing how they work.

These days, my writing focuses on trending tech, environmental science, neural networks, and cybersecurity topics. I enjoy binge-watching Black Mirror, playing video games, and saving up for my future tiny home.