food technology and biotechnology

Food Technology and Biotechnology: A More Sustainable Future?

It is no longer a given that tomorrow’s Earth will be able to provide the basic needs of all her people. Hunger and hardship have always been with us. But…

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5 Cybersecurity Regulations Every Internet User Should Know

As users share increasing amounts of their data online, cybersecurity becomes more of a concern. Not only is individual internet usage going up, but an increasing number of businesses are…

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The Devastating Effects of Plastic in the Ocean

The ocean is your source of oxygen, seafood and modern medicine. It serves countless roles in everyone’s life, whether you live near the sea or not. And yet it experiences…

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When Will AI Take Over?

Artificial intelligence was a twinkle in the eye of inventors and fiction writers long before our technology made the concept viable. Now that AI has arrived in a major way,…

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Climate Crisis Solutions: Is It Too Late?

It’s no secret that climate change is affecting the planet in many ways. An increase in natural disasters and loss of snow and ice are only some of the signs…

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What Is Internet Addiction and Do You Have It? 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? If you’re like many Americans, you reach for your cellphone and begin scrolling through your social media threads. Perhaps your…

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Future Technology Predictions, 2020 Edition

Trying to predict the future is a touchy subject. Technology is changing so rapidly in today’s climate that it’s getting more challenging every day to envision what things will be…

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Have we really come that far with AI and robotics?

AI and Robotics: Have We Really Come That Far?

Robotics and AI have advanced greatly in the last one hundred years…right?

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What is Tik Tok? Photo by Blake Barlow on Unsplash

Tik Tok: Is It Really That Bad?

Tik Tok, the incredibly popular social media app, has recently been under fire for possible censorship. On Nov. 25th, 2019  a Tik Tok user by the name of Feroza Aziz…

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What Can We Expect From Self-Service Business Intelligence in 2020?

Data collection and analysis has ramped up in almost every industry. As a result, business intelligence (BI) has transformed from a task for IT staff to a skill employees need…

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