What’s The USA’s Cybersecurity Strategy?

Cybersecurity is a growing need at the organizational level, and the lack of it can even affect individuals who do something as seemingly innocent as clicking on an attachment contaminated…

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Amazon Prime Credit Card: What You Need to Know

Unless someone has been living beneath a sizeable pile of rocks for the past decade, they’ve probably heard of Amazon Prime. Prime started out as the expedited shipping service for…

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Are Test Tubes the Kitchen of the Future?

Did you know that you can use physics and chemistry to create food with remarkably unique tastes, textures, and properties? Imagine a cocktail that has been compressed into a spherical…

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Cyborg robot arm

The Long-Foretold Dark Side of Wearable Technology

The downsides of technological progress have been well documented in science fiction stories for more than a hundred years now. So why does it feel like we can’t recognize some…

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eye closeup

‘Bionic Lens’ Could Change the Future of Corrective Vision

Shakespeare once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. While I can’t verify the Bard’s statement, I will say that my eyesight probably isn’t the best. After…

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Disney Playmation

Disney’s Playmation: Wearables for Imaginative Children

Think back to when you were a child. I’m sure there’s one point where you wanted to be something imaginative or seemingly impossible, right? It was probably something like a…

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George Orwell 1984

The Growing Privacy Concerns of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition has been a staple of science fiction movies for decades, but only recently has it become an everyday reality—especially for Facebook’s 1.3 billion users, who are likely already acquainted…

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film reels

Is Film Distribution About to Change for Good?

Imagine being able to see brand-new movies in the comfort of your own home without having to go to the movie theater. While you wouldn’t have the big screen, you’d…

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empty inbox

Is It Time the US Outlawed After-Hours Work Email?

Smartphones: convenient personal tools, or stress-inducers that handcuff us to our jobs? Some could argue for both sides, although the latter may not be long-lived. In the future, we may…

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key ring

We’re About to Witness the End of Misplaced Car Keys

I’ve never lost my car keys. I don’t say that to brag – actually, I mostly just want to acknowledge that I’m probably long overdue for this particular kind of…

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