writing on paper

If you’re interested in publishing an article on The Byte Beat, I’d be happy to consider your work. Before you email me, though, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Length: Your article should be 600 words or more.
  • Audience: I write for people who want more than just tech and science news. Your article should also provide commentary and a touch of personality.
  • Monetization: I will not accept articles that contain affiliate links or are overly promotional in nature.

Other considerations:

  • If Copyscape indicates that your article has already been published elsewhere, I will reject it.
  • If your article exists solely for SEO purposes, don’t bother submitting it. However, if your client has something relevant and interesting to say, we can talk about it.
  • I reserve the right to edit, change, or remove anything about your blog post. I will not alter the central message of your article, but I will make sure it meets my quality standards.
  • Please make sure that your submission tackles a topic in the realm of technology, scientific advancement, or health. It should also be more than just a recap of recent news; you should have something unique to say about your topic.


If you’re not scared off by all of that, feel free to head over to my Contact page and send me an email. I look forward to reading your work!