Sustainable Bamboo Housing Is Being Built in Earthquake-Prone Indonesia

The engineering company Ramboll has collaborated with University College London to build bamboo housing in Lombok, Indonesia. The Indonesian charity Grenzeloos Milieu requested the company’s services for constructing earthquake-proof buildings….

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what is food technology

What Is Food Technology?

Tech blogs like to throw around a lot of phrases that may catch you off guard. Browsing through articles about science, health and the environment can leave you with questions…

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space exploration benefits

Space Exploration Benefits You Need to Know

The final frontier has more to offer than just the setting for another sci-fi movie. With issues like virus outbreaks and climate change more prevalent than ever, you might think…

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electric cars 2020

Most Affordable Electric Cars 2020

Electric cars are far more affordable than they used to be. In the past, EVs were either expensive or impractical, but the same is not true for electric cars in…

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types of black holes

What Are the 4 Different Types of Black Holes?

Black holes reached the international consciousness when an international team of researchers announced that a computer algorithm assisted them with taking the first picture of one in 2019. Black holes…

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How Does Consumerism Impact The Environment?

By the numbers, blame for the state of our planet lands at the feet of a tiny handful of individuals. When we’re honest with ourselves about the last several decades…

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causes of air pollution

5 Causes of Air Pollution You Might Not Have Considered 

Air pollution usually consists of a mix of small particles such as carbon gases, ozone and sulfur oxide — all of which humans create through various activities and processes. This…

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food technology and biotechnology

Food Technology and Biotechnology: A More Sustainable Future?

It is no longer a given that tomorrow’s Earth will be able to provide the basic needs of all her people. Hunger and hardship have always been with us. But…

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The Devastating Effects of Plastic in the Ocean

The ocean is your source of oxygen, seafood and modern medicine. It serves countless roles in everyone’s life, whether you live near the sea or not. And yet it experiences…

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Non-Renewable Resources to Ditch in 2020

The worldwide call has gone out for “sustainable” and “renewable” technologies, materials, industrial practices and sources of energy. But what does it mean to be classified as a “non-renewable resource”?…

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