woman getting a shot to be vaccinated

Why Are People Against Vaccines and Immunization?

Ever since Jenny McCarthy, et. al., came out against vaccination, people on social media have waged war on each other over the issue. Despite the majority of scientific evidence, some…

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Reverse Engineering the Brain: Why and How We’re Doing It

Reverse engineering the brain isn’t easy, but scientists at IARPA are using it to understand how the brain works in an attempt to make computers think like humans. How exactly…

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What Are The Causes of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs when you don’t receive enough sleep. The amount of sleep you need each night varies from person to person but typically falls between…

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Are Test Tubes the Kitchen of the Future?

Did you know that you can use physics and chemistry to create food with remarkably unique tastes, textures, and properties? Imagine a cocktail that has been compressed into a spherical…

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Cyborg robot arm

The Long-Foretold Dark Side of Wearable Technology

The downsides of technological progress have been well documented in science fiction stories for more than a hundred years now. So why does it feel like we can’t recognize some…

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eye closeup

‘Bionic Lens’ Could Change the Future of Corrective Vision

Shakespeare once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. While I can’t verify the Bard’s statement, I will say that my eyesight probably isn’t the best. After…

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child scientist

Why Food Additives Have Escaped FDA Scrutiny—Until Now

It’s no secret that foods with extra preservatives and additives aren’t generally the healthiest. What many people don’t know is that those additives can have worse side effects than they…

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inception totem

Five Weird, High-Tech Diseases of the Future

The saying “You’ll catch your death of cold” is something we utter these days because, well, nobody likes to catch colds. But in ye olden days, to catch a cold…

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