7 Apps for Making Music

Not sure which programs are worth downloading? Here’s a look at some of the best apps for making music you won’t want to miss.

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Is Uber Considered to Be a Disruptive Innovation?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to see disruptors in various fields that don’t match the term, Uber and Tesla being perfect examples.

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person using fingerprint scanner on iphone

How Does a Fingerprint Scanner Work?

Not long ago, many people only saw fingerprint scanners used as identity verification methods in movies. Or, if someone had a high-profile career and worked for an employer such as…

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group of kids fresh water from a lifestraw station

Tech for Social Impact: 6 Examples

You may typically think about technology that’s fun to use or helps you get things done. But, what about applying tech for social impact? Here are six examples: 1. LifeStraw…

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digital image of a brain

What Is the Technological Singularity Timeline?

If you’re a science-fiction fan, you’ve probably gotten engrossed in at least a few storylines where robots, computers or other gadgets become smarter than humans and proceed to rule the…

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man sitting in the dark hacking a computer

3 Key Differences Between Active and Passive Attacks

In the modern era, a well-placed cyber attack could destroy a business or even someone’s life. We rely heavily on technology by storing everything from Social Security numbers and banking…

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microphone sitting in a room with guitars

How Does ASMR Work?

With the rise of social media, many new trends have popped up over the years. People use social media to communicate more easily about what they love and enjoy, which…

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graphic logo of antivirus types

Different Types of Antivirus Software and What Works Best

Staying safe online is a hefty challenge. Thousands of new viruses are developed each day, unleashed upon the unknowing digital world. While antivirus software is a necessity, there are a…

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image of speaker featuring artificial intellligence

The Difference Between Strong AI and Weak AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fixture of modern conversations. People are fascinated by what it does and what it could do. Many of the individuals who discuss it often specify…

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broken iphone in two pieces with a cracked screen

Why You Should Recycle Old Electronics

Rapid advances in technology have brought society plenty of benefits. Information is right at your fingertips, able to be sourced in a matter of seconds. This explosive growth in electronics,…

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