shiny cryptocurrency bitcoin stacked on a table

Bappebti Approves Zipmex, Indonesia’s First Official Crypto Exchange Provider

Despite its widespread use and growing popularity, not every government has been keen on accepting Bitcoin as legal currency. In Indonesia, the central bank banned its use as currency towards…

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disruptive technology in healthcare

Disruptive Technology in Healthcare You Haven’t Heard Of

The healthcare industry is always at the forefront of innovation. By adopting top-of-the-line tech, medical professionals can provide better care for patients and even save lives. Some emerging technologies won’t…

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google image recognition

How Does Google Image Recognition Work?

Google Images has been around for almost two decades now, and it’s safe to assume that everyone has used it more times than they can count. It’s an invaluable tool…

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disruptive technology examples

Disruptive Technology Examples In Everyday Life

Technology is constantly changing the way we live. It seems the tech industry releases some game-changing innovation every year now. But some technology goes beyond “game-changing” and reaches the title…

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natural language processing

Understanding Natural Language Processing

The notion of AI may worry some, but with applications like natural language processing (NLP), your gadgets can better understand what you want from them. NLP is expanding the range…

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Is Uber Considered to Be a Disruptive Innovation?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to see disruptors in various fields that don’t match the term, Uber and Tesla being perfect examples.

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time lapse photograph of car driving down the highway with lights

What Is the Technology Behind Driverless Cars?

It seems like everyone is talking about self-driving or driverless cars. Tesla has already introduced an autopilot that takes over for the driver in limited situations, but how does this…

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image from space of cities with lights

The Big Issue With Blockchain Energy Consumption

One of the inherent problems with bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies is that they require an inordinate amount of power. Crypto operations consume a lot of electricity simply to mint and…

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Robotic Prosthetics: 6 Steps Toward the Future of Artificial Limbs

The science of prosthetic limbs has come a long way since pirates used wooden pegs and hooks to replace lost limbs. Today, advances in robotics are offering even more control…

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Amazon Fresh vs. Prime Now: Managing Your Subscription

Imagine never having the visit the grocery store again. It can be your reality. Perhaps this doesn’t appeal to city-dwellers who live across the street from a grocer, but if…

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