7 Apps for Making Music

Not sure which programs are worth downloading? Here’s a look at some of the best apps for making music you won’t want to miss.

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digital image of a brain

What Is the Technological Singularity Timeline?

If you’re a science-fiction fan, you’ve probably gotten engrossed in at least a few storylines where robots, computers or other gadgets become smarter than humans and proceed to rule the…

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microphone sitting in a room with guitars

How Does ASMR Work?

With the rise of social media, many new trends have popped up over the years. People use social media to communicate more easily about what they love and enjoy, which…

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When Was Net Neutrality Repealed? And Why?

With the Trump Administration came a lot of changes in the way America ran. From military to refugees to even aid operations, the landscape of America has changed greatly, many…

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What Is 5G Technology?

People can quickly find news stories that remind them of how the 5G network is coming soon, and that it’s time to get prepared. Beyond that, what is 5G technology,…

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Amazon Prime Credit Card: What You Need to Know

Unless someone has been living beneath a sizeable pile of rocks for the past decade, they’ve probably heard of Amazon Prime. Prime started out as the expedited shipping service for…

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Twitter Embraces Censorship, Protecting the Political Elite

Earlier this year, Twitter made headlines—however muted—when it decided to suspend access to Politwoops, an account run by the Sunlight Foundation and overseen by the Open State Foundation (OSF), which…

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online ads

Love Good Content? Think Twice About Ad Blockers

It goes without saying that the Internet is a great tool for those seeking knowledge and entertainment. With a few clicks of the mouse or swipes of the finger, you…

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big brother is watching

Amazon’s Big Brother Policy Is At It Again

Have you ever decided to follow one of your favorite authors on Twitter? If so, you may now be ineligible to review their next book, at least according to Amazon.com’s…

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Facebook’s Real Name Policy Asks Difficult Questions About Online Anonymity

Facebook’s “real name” policy has come under fire in recent months for its decisive stance against online anonymity. What’s being questioned is the legitimacy of such a position, and the…

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