roost smart battery

Roost’s Simple, Affordable Answer to the ‘Smart Home’

We’ve got smartphones and smart TVs, and we’ve been promised for a while that the next frontier in consumer electronics would be an entire “smart home.” Companies like Apple and…

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Kids and Smartphones: The Moral Dilemma

Okay, admit it: you’re jealous of the modern youngster. I know I am. All it took to make me happy when I was a child was a $.79  HotWheels car…

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Anonabox: Online Privacy for the Rest of Us

Privacy is an important commodity these days. Our own government can’t be trusted with it, and our ISPs seem to take every opportunity to sell us out in order to…

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Cloud Storage

The 3 Best (Free or Nearly Free) Cloud Storage Providers

DropBox announced recently that, going forward, pricing for the Pro version of their cloud storage service would be dropping to just $9.99/month, or $99 for a whole year. It’s about…

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The Internet is Finally More Popular than Cable

Newly released research has announced that more Americans are now using broadband Internet service connections to watch television as compared to using cable TV services. This revealing finding demonstrates just…

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Common Phrases Based on Obsolete Technologies

The English language is in a constant state of evolution. Its ability to change, to adapt, to build and rebuild, to eradicate usage that has become irrelevant to the modern…

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