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10 Essential Cybersecurity Certificates for Professionals

Cybersecurity is an increasingly important and relevant topic in today’s society, and certifications can help professionals show that they’re ready to succeed in 2019 and beyond. If you want to…

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When Was Net Neutrality Repealed? And Why?

With the Trump Administration came a lot of changes in the way America ran. From military to refugees to even aid operations, the landscape of America has changed greatly, many…

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How Does Facial Recognition Work?

Have you ever met someone who’s really good at recognizing others based on their facial features? Some people can even remember the faces of others who they’ve only met once…

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cyber security in 2019 data protection

The Most Concerning Data Privacy Issues in 2019

When some of the more prevalent technologies of today started picking up speed there were a few ramblings about data security and privacy, but one could argue that — as…

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What’s The USA’s Cybersecurity Strategy?

Cybersecurity is a growing need at the organizational level, and the lack of it can even affect individuals who do something as seemingly innocent as clicking on an attachment contaminated…

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How Your Typing Style Betrays Your Online Anonymity

Tor seemed like the perfect anti-hacker tool. Shorthand for “the onion router”, the Tor network became popular among activists, law enforcement officers, and even ordinary citizens around the world for…

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network cable router

VPNs are Finally Dead; Long Live The Onion Router!

  The ubiquity of access to the Internet in today’s digital age has created a false sense of security where users believe they’re ultimately secure. And while this may be…

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Security Right Now

Target, Sony, Anthem, oh my. These days, it seems that every few weeks a new major corporation makes the news for all the wrong reasons. Their systems get hacked, sensitive…

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NSA spying

Don’t Let the NSA Tell You Metadata is Harmless

We have a pretty good idea of how the story goes. The NSA has been spying on us for a long time—so long that we’re still not 100% sure when…

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Your Smartphone’s Battery May Be Giving Up Your Location

Another day, another way for unscrupulous people (or, you know, the Federal Government) to keep tabs on you. So what is it this time? It actually has nothing to do…

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