5 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Security Right Now

Target, Sony, Anthem, oh my. These days, it seems that every few weeks a new major corporation makes the news for all the wrong reasons. Their systems get hacked, sensitive…

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NSA spying

Don’t Let the NSA Tell You Metadata is Harmless

We have a pretty good idea of how the story goes. The NSA has been spying on us for a long time—so long that we’re still not 100% sure when…

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smartphone compass

Your Smartphone’s Battery May Be Giving Up Your Location

Another day, another way for unscrupulous people (or, you know, the Federal Government) to keep tabs on you. So what is it this time? It actually has nothing to do…

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computer security

Let’s Boycott Lenovo and Their Hidden Spyware

Lenovo saw a strong 2014, ranking as the #1 PC vendor in the world ahead of HP, Dell, and Acer. A recent discovery, however, puts their 2015 prospects in question….

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online privacy

The Unsung Heroes Protecting Our Online Privacy

You might not know it, but there’s an entire hidden world that has dedicated itself to safeguarding our online privacy and freedom on the World Wide Web. It might feel…

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Anonabox: Online Privacy for the Rest of Us

Privacy is an important commodity these days. Our own government can’t be trusted with it, and our ISPs seem to take every opportunity to sell us out in order to…

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3 Online Security Tips to Make Yourself Less Hackable

Without taking proper precautions against hackers, you raise the risk of exposing sensitive information – from credit card numbers to family emails – to hackers who are ruthless in their…

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Your Phone’s Gyroscope Is the Next Threat to Your Privacy

Another day, another potential invasion of our collective privacy. By now, most of us are either savvy enough or paranoid enough to restrict access to our phones’ hardware. We know to…

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Technology & Privacy: Drone Legislation to the Rescue

Drones used to exclusively be military and government tools for surveillance and intelligence purposes. Over the past few years, however, that’s changed considerably. Drones have now made a push into…

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