Is an Apple Foldable Phone in the Works?

The world of high-tech phones never stops evolving. Manufacturers know keeping pace with competitors requires regularly releasing the newest features and designs. Samsung will soon roll out its long-awaited and…

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apple ipad air 2

The Case of the iPad: Why Experts Don’t Always Get It

Let’s take a short trip back to January, 2010. This wasn’t forever ago, but it was a turning point in the personal tech world that now seems almost inevitable. It…

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itunes gift cards

How Apple Is Going to Reinvent the Music Industry (Again)

In the first few months of Tim Cook’s stewardship of Apple, it was hard not to feel like the company was about to have a very loud, very violent mid-life…

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stolen phone

Apple Patent: ‘Zombie Mode’ For Your Stolen iPhone

This January, Apple was awarded a patent that would allow their phones to track movements and locations even while the phone is off, putting it in a “zombie mode” of…

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