space exploration benefits

Space Exploration Benefits You Need to Know

The final frontier has more to offer than just the setting for another sci-fi movie. With issues like virus outbreaks and climate change more prevalent than ever, you might think…

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How Does Consumerism Impact The Environment?

By the numbers, blame for the state of our planet lands at the feet of a tiny handful of individuals. When we’re honest with ourselves about the last several decades…

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Little girl frightened of a pumpkin in the mirror at night

7 Psychological Reasons People Have Certain Phobias

Your heart is pounding, your palms are sweating and you can’t stop shaking — this is fear. No matter how often you experience it, fear is consistently stressful. Most people…

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digital image of a wormhole in space

What Is Zero-Point Energy and How Does It Work?

If you’ve spent time on physics or general science forums, you may have heard people talk about something called zero-point energy. It’s the least amount of energy that a quantum…

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group in a parade promoting women in science

List of 25 Scholarships for Women in Science

For women in science, scholarships can alleviate the financial burdens often associated with college and studying in the field. Here’s a list of 25 awards that can help women pursue…

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astronaut on space walk floating above earth

11 Must-Watch Space Documentaries on Netflix

Whether you’re a space nerd or a casual fan, you likely have an interest in the mysteries of the universe. The vast and unknown depths of outer space prove equal…

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lightbulbs and their reflection on a table

5 Most Used Energy Sources in the World Today

The demand for renewables is expected to affect energy usage around the world. As investors anticipate this switch, and the alternative energy market grows, it’s helpful to know what the…

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view of the milky way

Is Dark Matter Real? Here’s What We Know About It

The universe — stars, planets, galaxies, the sun, etc. — is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, all bundled together into atoms called baryonic matter. Less than 5% of…

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graphic representation of dna

What Is Genetic Engineering Used For?

People are always looking for the next big way to make life better. It’s what’s driven people to invent creations that have changed the course of human history, like cars…

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black smoke pouring out of a smokestack

5 Ozone Layer Depletion Causes You Can Help Prevent

Over the last decade, everyone’s started talking about global warming. It’s on the news whenever there’s a major weather event or dramatic change in temperature, but when was the last…

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