How Does Consumerism Impact The Environment?

By the numbers, blame for the state of our planet lands at the feet of a tiny handful of individuals. When we’re honest with ourselves about the last several decades…

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Is Uber Considered to Be a Disruptive Innovation?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to see disruptors in various fields that don’t match the term, Uber and Tesla being perfect examples.

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man sitting in the dark hacking a computer

3 Key Differences Between Active and Passive Attacks

In the modern era, a well-placed cyber attack could destroy a business or even someone’s life. We rely heavily on technology by storing everything from Social Security numbers and banking…

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group in a parade promoting women in science

List of 25 Scholarships for Women in Science

For women in science, scholarships can alleviate the financial burdens often associated with college and studying in the field. Here’s a list of 25 awards that can help women pursue…

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several combine harvesters in a farm field

3 Applications of Biotechnology for Agriculture

Biotechnology, or “biotech,” combines biology and technology to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Biotech is a rather large area of biology that uses organisms to develop…

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graphic logo of antivirus types

Different Types of Antivirus Software and What Works Best

Staying safe online is a hefty challenge. Thousands of new viruses are developed each day, unleashed upon the unknowing digital world. While antivirus software is a necessity, there are a…

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broken iphone in two pieces with a cracked screen

Why You Should Recycle Old Electronics

Rapid advances in technology have brought society plenty of benefits. Information is right at your fingertips, able to be sourced in a matter of seconds. This explosive growth in electronics,…

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time lapse photograph of car driving down the highway with lights

What Is the Technology Behind Driverless Cars?

It seems like everyone is talking about self-driving or driverless cars. Tesla has already introduced an autopilot that takes over for the driver in limited situations, but how does this…

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5 Alternatives to TensorFlow

Whether you’re an engineer or a marketing analyst, you’ve likely realized how important coding and data resources can be in the workplace. Data especially is what makes the modern-day big…

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Amazon Fresh vs. Prime Now: Managing Your Subscription

Imagine never having the visit the grocery store again. It can be your reality. Perhaps this doesn’t appeal to city-dwellers who live across the street from a grocer, but if…

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