How do I start over on IXL?

How do I start over on IXL?

IXL will set them to the suggested settings by default, but you may change them by clicking the options button at the top of every report. When you do, your unique settings will be shown in blue, along with a "reset" option that allows you to restore IXL's suggested settings with a simple click at any time.

How do I reset my IXL?

You can quickly reset your IXL password if you forget it. Go to and select "Reset password" from the menu on the left. After you provide your information, IXL will send you password reset instructions through email. It may take a few minutes before you receive them so be patient.

How do I change my IXL to English?

To switch to a different edition, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your parent account from the IXL website.
  2. Open your account menu in the upper-right corner, and select Membership details.
  3. In the Account overview section, next to Edition, click change.
  4. Select the edition you’d like.
  5. Click Submit to save your change.

How do I report IXL?

Navigate to the Reports tab. Go to and sign in to your IXL account. IXL reports provide a winning blend of interactive data, advanced analytics, and simple visualizations. When your students begin using IXL for practice, the reports in your instructor account will instantly update with real-time data!

How do I find my IXL username and password?

Go to to find for your username. On the left, click "Recover username" and enter the email address linked with your account. IXL will send you your login through email. If you need to change your password, go to Enter your old password as a new one is sent to your email address.

What is an IXL school?

IXL stands for PERSONALIZED LEARNING. IXL assists students in excelling! IXL, which debuted in 2007, set a new standard for online learning by providing a genuinely individualized learning experience. IXL is proven to enhance learning and is trusted by 95 of the top 100 school systems and used by over 12 million students.

They offer specialized programs designed to fit students' needs and interests. These courses include undergraduate programs in business, education, nursing, science, and technology; as well as graduate programs in accounting, criminal justice, counseling, healthcare management, information technology, nursing, social work, and teaching.

IXL offers free trial periods that allow students to try out the program before committing to a purchase. In addition, there are no application fees or enrollment deposits required. Students can complete their coursework from any computer with Internet access-not just those at their original institution or IXL also provides a paperless course system that allows students to submit assignments electronically-there is no need to print them out or drop them off in person. Finally, all grades are reported instantaneously so students know how they are doing immediately after completing an assignment.

In conclusion, IXL offers specialized programs designed to fit students' needs and interests.

Does IXL have lesson plans?

With skill plans, IXL has done the lesson preparation for you! Our curriculum team has meticulously planned your instructional resources and custom-built IXL skills to exactly match each topic you'll be covering. And because skill plans operate with any classroom style, they may assist kids' learning both at home and in the classroom.

The first thing you should know about skill plans is that they're designed to be flexible. This means that you can use them as a guide to plan your own lessons or you can adopt them completely. Either way, skill plans offer a structured way to help your students learn.

IXL offers two different types of skill plans: themed and sequential. Themed skills are grouped by theme or subject matter and are great for introducing a new concept or teaching multiple topics in one session. These skills cover a range of topics from language arts to science to social studies.

Sequential skills build on one another to provide a continuous flow from lesson to lesson. They're best used to teach a single concept or process over several sessions. For example, you could use sequential skills to teach vocabulary development or study techniques.

You can find out more about skill plans on our website under the "Tools" tab. There, you will also find free samples of themed and sequential skills that can help you get an idea of what's possible with this tool.

What does IXL mean?


IXLI Excel
IXLInnova Exploration, Ltd. (oil and gas field exploration services; Alberta, Canada)
IXLInnovation, Excellence and Leadership (center; Cambridge, MA)
IXLIdaho Excellence in Learning (University of Idaho)

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