Is Internet Explorer 11 compatible with Windows XP?

Is Internet Explorer 11 compatible with Windows XP?

To continue receiving support after October 2015, users must update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, which will immediately replace IE10 with IE11. Windows XP's extended support expires on April 30. After that date, anyone using Internet Explorer on that platform will be prompted to upgrade or face limitations on browser functionality.

Will IE11 be removed from Windows 10?

Users of Internet Explorer may be relieved to find that Microsoft has no intentions to remove IE11 from Windows. The native Windows browser will be included in all future editions of Windows 10. That certainly implies that Microsoft will continue to support IE11 indefinitely. However, it doesn't mean that it won't stop supporting it at some point. After all, they do need to keep their browsers up to date with any necessary fixes and security updates.

Is IE8 still supported by Microsoft?

Due to new policy stating that only the most recent version of Internet Explorer available for a supported version of Windows shall be supported, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported on various versions of Windows as of January 12, 2016. You can still download and install Internet Explorer 8, but after about two weeks without updates, it will stop working.

The good news is that since its release in 2009, every one of IE8's security updates have been released publicly. Thus, users are protected from any known vulnerabilities presented by this browser version.

Furthermore, Internet Explorer 8 was designed to work properly with standards-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, so many sites and applications still work just fine with it. In fact, according to web analytics service StatCounter, approximately 19% of all desktop browsers are now some version of IE. That's more than Firefox, Chrome, and Safari combined!

Microsoft intends to support older browser versions until at least mid-2017 when IE9 reaches its end of life. After that time, no further fixes will be released for IE8.

So if you haven't moved on from IE8 yet, that's perfectly okay! It's not considered harmful or insecure for users nor websites to still be using an old version of Internet Explorer.

When will IE11 stop being supported?

Microsoft has said that IE11 will be supported until the end of Windows 10, which is October 14, 2025. However, according to a recent piece by Oliver, UI5 will discontinue support for Internet Explorer when Microsoft discontinues support for Windows 7, which will be on January 14, 2020. So it's possible that Microsoft may stop supporting IE11 earlier than 2025.

Can I run IE8 on XP?

For example, support for Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP will cease in April 2014, whereas support for Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 will stop in January 2020. With IE10, there is a distinct difference.

Windows XPYes, with SP2 or SP3
Windows VistaYes
Windows 7Yes
Windows 8

What versions of Internet Explorer are supported?

Internet Explorer is a component of the Windows operating system, and the most recent version will continue to adhere to the operating system's unique support lifetime policy. Internet Explorer 11 will be supported for as long as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are supported. However, even though Microsoft ends support for an edition of Windows, that version of IE can be run within Windows 10 indefinitely. Thus, Internet Explorer 11 will remain supported for at least five years after the release of Windows 10.

Does Windows XP support Internet Explorer?

Microsoft no longer offers technical support for Windows XP PCs. This also implies that Microsoft will no longer support Internet Explorer 8, Windows XP's default web browser. However, if you have a separate license for Windows XP at home or at work, then you can still install other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

Does Windows 8 support Internet Explorer 11?

In April 2019, Internet Explorer 11 was made available for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard. Since January 31, 2020, it is the only version of Internet Explorer supported on these operating systems. It is unclear when earlier versions will be dropped.

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