Is Symantec Ghost still supported?

Is Symantec Ghost still supported?

Symantec purchased the technology in 1998. Symantec System Recovery (SSR) has superseded the backup and recovery capabilities, although the Ghost imaging technology is still being developed and provided as part of the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.

What is the Symantec Ghost Solution?

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is a multi-award winning software suite for imaging and deploying desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers. You can move to the latest operating systems fast and simply, execute custom setups, and distribute applications across hardware platforms and operating systems. The solution includes Ghost 8, which allows you to create system images that contain all the necessary components to restore any device to its original state.

When did Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0 come out?

Symantec changed the Enterprise version of Ghost to Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.0 on November 15, 2004. This clarified the distinction between the product's consumer and corporate editions. The new edition included more than 50 new features, including support for Windows XP SP2.

When did Symantec stop supporting Norton Ghost 2003?

In early 2006, Symantec deprecated LiveUpdate support for Norton Ghost 2003. The company also discontinued development of Ghost 2003 at that time.

Ghost 2003 was a commercial product that allowed users to create disk images of their disks, which could then be used as starting points for future installations of Windows. It was also possible to use Ghost 2003 to migrate data from one disk to another. However, due to its age, Symantec recommends that users look into alternatives to using this product for data migration purposes.

Where can I download the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite?

Symantec's FileConnect and MySymantec software download sites have been discontinued; software may now be downloaded via the Broadcom Download Center. The primary landing page for product documentation: Ghost Solution Suite Navigate to Download. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

How do you reimage a ghost on a PC?

To restore a drive, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Norton Ghost.
  2. From Basic view, click Restore a Drive or, from Advanced view, choose Tools –> Restore Drive.
  3. Select the backup image you’re restoring from, and click Next.
  4. In the Restore Destination window, choose the drive where you want to restore the backup, and click Next.

Does Apple use ghosts?

The majority of users use Ghost on our fully managed PaaS, Ghost (Pro). Some bigger companies, such as Apple and Square, prefer to operate Ghost on their own private networks, where they may make significant fundamental changes to the program to fit specific use cases. These special edition Ghosts are called "beta versions" by the developers.

What are ghost devices?

The title refers to an operating system that recognizes hardware even after it has been unplugged from the system. Clarence (named after the angel in It's a Wonderful Life) makes his debut in Ghost Devices.

Ghost devices are malicious software that can detect and take control of other computers connected to the network even if they are not physically present. They do this by monitoring traffic between computers on the network. When they find other computers looking for media to stream, game or download, they pretend to be one of these devices and lure them into connecting to their own malware-laced websites.

Once a computer connects to one of these sites, it becomes infected with ghost technology. The malware allows the hacker to take complete control of the infected device at will. It is also able to connect back to its website so it can tell other computers around the world to do all sorts of nasty things. For example, it can shut down power grids, crash servers or even destroy data drives completely!

Computer viruses used to be seen as something only adults could get involved in, but now young people too are using them to cause trouble. Ghosts allow hackers to reach far beyond their actual audience and attack computers all over the world. Although ghosts seem innocent, they can actually be very dangerous.

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