What was the IMDb rating for Never Again?

What was the IMDb rating for Never Again?

Two people who have promised themselves they will never fall in love again meet in a homosexual nightclub. A film you may not have watched but should. Do you want to display IMDb's rating on your own website? Use the HTML code provided below. To use the IMDb rating plugin, you must be a registered user. There is one nomination. More accolades may be found here: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/film/never-again

Never Again received two nominations from the 33rd Annual Razzie Awards.

Never Again was directed by Daniel Golding and stars Adam Goldberg, James DuPont, Mina Sundwall, and Johnathon Schaech. It tells the story of two people who meet in a gay club and decide to break their no-relationship rule to help a stranger. They begin to fall in love even though this person isn't looking for love - he's just looking for someone to take his place when he dies.

The film opened to mixed reviews but was a box office hit - it made over $100 million worldwide.

What’s the IMDb rating for the movie "Deception"?

An adoring boyfriend, a stunning woman, $50,000, and the ideal murder. Check out some of our favorite Hollywood couples that found love on and off the screen. You can find out how here.

What was the IMDb rating for one piece?

Distribute this rating. One Piece receives an 8.8/10. (1999-).

IMDb's rating calculation is based on a vote by people like you. Before you can rate a movie, video game or other project, you need to register on IMDb. Then, when you see a film or book that you like, you can click on the "Rating" button and then select a rating from 1 to 10. Here are some other ways to get ratings on IMDb: Users can rate movies, videos games, and books using their IMDb accounts. The more someone rates a title, the higher his or her reputation level becomes. Reputation levels determine how much control users have over their rating profile. For example, users with high reputation levels can change their rating style from simple stars to complex graphs. Also, certain categories do not require a reputation level to rate; for example, anyone can rate movies but registered users can submit reviews.

In conclusion, IMDb's rating system is based on user votes. The more people who rate a title, the higher its overall score will be. This score is then used to produce different rankings of popular titles.

Is there a rating for the stand on IMDb?

Discover some of our favorites from the diverse spectrum of films honored by the Academy, as well as a rundown of the key winners at the 2021 Oscars. Take a look at our HTML template.

What’s the rating for the movie "Enigma" on IMDb?

A young prodigy races against the clock to decipher an enemy code and discover the mystery surrounding the lady he loves. There have been three wins and six nominations.

What was the IMDb rating for The Boondocks?

The Boondocks (2005–2014) 8.4/10.

How to share the IMDb rating of KAOs in control?

KAOS intends to use a regression gun on some of the world's most clever men during a meeting. If you are not yet a member of IMDb, visit http://www.imdb.com/join for registration instructions.

What’s the rating for the interview on IMDb?

As a protest, an anonymous 4chan member suggested that people hurry to IMDB and give The Interview a flawless 10 rating. Tens of thousands of people participated. They gave the film a flawless score despite not having watched it. I saw The Interview over the holidays, and I'm here to tell you that it's not a 9.9 film. It's a 10.

I think they meant to type in 3.14 instead of 10.

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