Where can I find my Rediff mail server?

Where can I find my Rediff mail server?

IMAP server-imap.rediffmailpro.com receives incoming mail SMTP (outgoing mail server)-smtp.rediffmailpro.com On the right side of the bottom, click the More Settings Tab. Step 5: As seen below, a new window titled "Internet E-mail Settings" will emerge. This is where you can choose what kind of connection to use for sending e-mails - either using the Internet's standard SMTP service or a custom domain name. Click OK twice to close both windows.

What is my incoming mail server for Yahoo?

Imap.mail.yahoo.com The incoming mail server (imap.mail.yahoo.com) should be configured, and the outgoing mail server (SMTP) should be configured to smtp.mail.yahoo.com.

How do I find the incoming mail server in Gmail?

Log in to Gmail (via your web browser) and navigate to the Settings tab. In your email software, enter the name and port of the incoming mail server. The IMAP server's address is imap.gmail.com, and the port number is 993. For the POP server, use pop.gmail.com and 6891.

Is mail.com an email server?

Imap.mail.com is the incoming (IMAP) server. 993. Port (incoming server): SSL is required by the incoming server. True (check box) SMTP (Outgoing) server: smtp.mail.com. 587. Port (outgoing server): SSL is required by the outgoing server.

How can I download all my emails from Rediffmail Pro to Outlook?

To configure Outlook Express, please follow the instructions below.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose “Accounts.”
  2. Select the “Mail” tab.
  3. Click the “Add” button.
  4. From the Add menu, click “Mail.”
  5. In the text box labeled Display Name, type your name and click “Next.”
  6. In the Email Address box, type your Rediffmail Pro address.

What is the outgoing mail server for Optimum Online?

Mail.optonline.net Use IMAP to connect your Optonline.net account to your email program.

Optonline.net SMTP Servermail.optonline.net
SMTP port465
SMTP securitySSL / TLS
SMTP usernameYour full email address
SMTP passwordYour Optonline.net password

How to find a secure incoming mail server?

Your secure incoming mail server will be gator4054.hostgator.com if the server name is gator4054.hostgator.com. Use port 995 for secure POP. Port 993 is used for secure IMAP. Bluehost's secure POP and IMAP servers are located at mail.yourdomain.com. Send a test message to yourself. If you receive it, then there was no problem with the server.

How do I find my email server?

Then, under Account Settings, select Account Settings. Double-click the account associated with the old email in the Email tab. Under Server Information, you may see the names of your incoming mail server (IMAP) and outgoing mail server (SMTP). Click "More options..." to locate the ports for each server. Open these ports on your firewall.

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