What is the phone number with the code 249?

What is the phone number with the code 249?

You received a phone call from a number beginning with 249, 00249, 011249, or +249 and want to know which nation the country code is for. Which nation has the dialing code 249? The 249 code nation is preceded by 00 (00249) or 011 (011249), as well as the sign plus (+249) for calls from the United States and Canada. From whence are you calling? From anywhere in the world.

The phone number with the code 249 can be written in several ways: 24950, +249510, 012250, or 002495. All numbers are active and valid and will connect you to whoever is on the other end.

An individual code for each country, similar to the international access code of 1-0, was originally assigned by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). However, because not all countries adopted this system it is now used only as an historical reference. Today, individual codes are generally allocated to nations when they join the ITU. They can also be given out gratuitously by ITU members who have extra codes lying around.

In addition to being able to see what country code a number has, one can also determine the area code required to reach someone at that number. For example, if I had a friend in London, I could tell you that his phone number was 020 7211 1234. Or I could give you the full number with country code: +44 20 7211 1234.

What is the phone number that begins with 995?

You received a phone call from a number beginning with 995, 00995, 011995, or +995 and want to know which nation the country code 995 is for. Which nation has the telephone code 995? For calls from the United States and Canada, the 995 code nation is preceded by 00 (00995) or 011 (011995), and by the symbol plus (+995). Your source is the International Numbering Plan of the telecommunications industry. Every country has its own phone system, and most countries also have their own unique area codes, local numbers, and other numbering schemes. But for international calls, especially long distance calls, there is only one standard, assigned at a conference in Israel in 1983. This is the ISO country code for all countries that use it: 1. The first three digits 090 are reserved for emergency calls.

So, the phone number that begins with 995 is used for calls to Argentina. To call Buenos Aires from US cities, dial 011-54-1-44-11-55-44. From elsewhere in South America, dial your international access code (00 for the United States) followed by the number above.

Argentina has two main telephone companies: Telefónica and Obras Sanitarias. Both provide service throughout the country. Their central offices are called numeros (numbers). Each company has several different numers for different services, such as regular phone lines, data lines, special numbers for healthcare facilities, etc.

What’s the country code for the phone number 880?

For calls from the United States and Canada, the 880 code nation is preceded by 00 (00880) or 011 (011880), and by the symbol plus (+880). If you're calling from outside the USA/Canada, then the 880 code nation will be preceded by 0 (0080) or 11 (1100). The 888 telephone number is used as a call forwarding service where you can forward your calls to another number. This means that if someone calls 888-888-8888, it will forward their call to another number of your choice.

The full list of country codes for mobile phones can be found at http://www.mobiles.org.uk/country_codes.html. Although not all countries use these codes, they are generally accepted across the world.

Where does the 00211 phone number come from?

4. The 00211 code is thought to have originated in Southern Sudan!!!! 5. My phone prevents me from making international calls. Over the last two weeks, I've received numerous calls from 002113521236 at various times of the day. I don't usually respond, but it's becoming annoying. I hung up the phone at that point. Has shaky English, so probably not from a native speaker.

6. The number seems to be associated with a marketing company. I got contacted by some sales person who wanted to send me information about products and services. When I told him I wasn't interested, he stopped calling. I had no further contact from them.

7. According to my phone, the number is registered to World Marketing Ltd., a company based in Nigeria. There are also reports that this number is used by scammers around the world.

8. It appears that people all over the world have been receiving calls from this number. Maybe if you call yourself, someone else might be able to help out a fellow Australian!

What country's telephone code is 32?

Belgium A caller dialing from outside Belgium would dial their international call prefix (usually 00 in Europe and 011 in North America), followed by 32 (the Belgian country code), the area code minus the trunk code "0," and lastly the local number. For example, a caller in Brussels would dial 0032-230-220.

When you make an international call from the United States, you have several options for how to format your phone number. The default option is usually to use International Dialing. Under this scheme, you start with an initial zero when calling abroad from the United States, even if you are not making an international call. So if you were to call Belgium using International Dialing, you would enter 032-230-220 as the number to be called.

There are two main reasons why someone might want to call Belgium from the United States. First, there are many more people living in America than in Belgium so it makes sense to call America first. Second, companies based in the United States can reduce their international call costs by up to two-thirds by calling Belgium instead of calling the country being called to. Companies save money by calling those numbers first instead of waiting until later to call back home.

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