Why are my albums on iTunes split up?

Why are my albums on iTunes split up?

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below to "reset" iTunes to acknowledge the tracks are from the same album. Highlight all of the songs that belong on the same album. Select "Get Info" by right-clicking/control-clicking on one of them. At the conclusion of the "Album Artist" section, there is a blank spot. Type in the title of the missing artist (or select one from the drop-down list). Repeat for all of the songs that don't have an Album Artist value.

Why does iTunes keep losing my album artwork?

The first thing you may attempt to fix your problem is to right-click on an album in iTunes that lacks artwork and choose Get Album Artwork. Confirm by selecting Get Album Artwork from the popup menu. Manually repeat for each record in your collection that is missing artwork. If this doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes.

Why are songs from the same album separated on iTunes?

In most circumstances, this section will be empty, but if it is not, iTunes may divide albums. If none of the aforementioned work, the problem is usually caused by the sorting tags. If anything appears in the Sort As fields for Album, Album Artist, or Artist, remove it and click OK. Your tracks should be properly organized.

Why does iTunes skip through all the songs?

A: Is it possible to skip tracks on iTunes? Why does iTunes skip through all of the songs in albums and playlists? The issue has only recently arisen. It used to play a few songs from a playlist, but it no longer does. Instead, it starts at the beginning of the list.

By default, you can't skip tracks in iTunes. But there are several workarounds that will let you do just that.

First, try pressing the Shift key while clicking on a song to select it instead. This method works for playing and pausing music as well as for skipping tracks in playlists.

Second, click on the View menu and choose Show Player Controls. Now you can click and drag the Playlist Forward or Backward buttons to skip songs. You can also double-click inside a playlist to move to the next or previous item.

Third, if neither of these methods works, then the issue may be with one of your CDs or DVDs. If this is the case, then take it out and put in another. The problem may have been caused by a defective disc or drive.

You should find a button called "Skip Next Track" or something similar.

How do you fix the wrong album artwork on iTunes?

Connect your iPhone to your computer and search itunes music for ONE album that has the incorrect art from your iPhone. Go to Songs by right-clicking on that album. Look for the tracks from that album. To go through all of the tracks on that album, use the toggle arrow at the bottom. Then press apply one again.

Methods for Obtaining Album Artwork for Songs on Your iPod: iTunes Artwork Recovery: You must first enable the album artwork panel. The bottom right corner of the iTunes window has a button that states "Show or conceal item artwork and window viewer." To view the artwork for any song, simply click on it.

How could I change album art in iTunes?

Steps First and foremost, go to iTunes and locate the album that lacks artwork. Then, click the first song, then hold shift and click the last song. This will make all of the songs on the list stand out. Now, right-click and a menu of options will appear. Select "Get album artwork." A window will open up where you can select an image file to use as the album's cover.

That's it! The album art will now be updated with the provided image. If you want to update more than one album, repeat the process for each one.

Why can’t I edit songs on iTunes?

This might happen if the file permissions are wrong or if the files are locked. If the files are correctly accessible yet customers are unable to modify any music in their library, the issue might be caused by a damaged iTunes library. Users could try deleting the file from their iTunes folder and relaunching the software. If this doesn't help, they should contact Apple Support.

Why won’t iTunes put songs from the same album?

ITunes may occasionally break an album into one or more half albums. This split may occur if several tracks from the album have distinct values for Artist, Album Artist (ignored on iPod), Album, No. Of Discs. , or Compilation Part. If you want to keep these songs together, try splitting the album instead.

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