Why does the common app ask so many questions?

Why does the common app ask so many questions?

They want to know the percentage of their kids whose parents attended college, as well as the overall history of the entering class, since they desire a diverse freshman class. This information also provides further insight into the applications of students. For example, if many more applicants come from wealthy families and a large number are not in the top 10% based on their score, that would be evidence that the application process is too easy.

The common app asks a lot of questions because it wants to get as much information as possible about you and your interests so it can match you with the right school. Some of the questions may seem invasive (such as what kind of cell phone you own), but they're really just trying to find out how you feel about different subjects so they can make sure you choose an environment that fits you best.

The common app uses this information to provide you with relevant information on schools who show an interest in you. They also use it to help them decide which schools should receive more attention or which schools you might be able to pay to change your rating. However, they don't share this information with any other company.

Is 8 activities enough for the common app?

It is vital to remember that the majority of admitted applicants to prestigious universities complete 8–10 Common Application activities. The exception is often a student who excels in at least one activity. Students should strive hard to diversify their extracurricular activities.

The more activities you complete the better your chances are of being admitted to the school you want. It is not necessary to do all 10 activities but it is important to try something on every application page.

Some students may find it difficult to decide what activities to include on their application. Here are some suggestions: talk with friends and teachers about which activities they think will help you get admitted, search online for opportunities such as volunteer positions that may not be listed on regular application pages, and consider doing activities that may benefit your career later in life such as coaching sports or participating in politics.

The more activities you complete the more opportunities you give yourself for admission. It is impossible to predict how decisions will be made by admissions committees so it is important to apply to many schools. Some students may submit applications early to have more time to complete activities while others may wait until the last minute. Either way, it is important to continue to work on your application even after deadlines have passed.

Which common app prompt is the most popular?

According to the Common Application, in the 2018-19 admissions season, Option #7 (subject of your choosing) was the most popular, with 24.1 percent of applicants using it. Option #5 (explain an accomplishment) was the second most popular, with 23.7 percent of applicants. Other options included: #3 (write a paper on a topic of your choice), #4 (complete a community service project), and #9 (take a trip).

The number one option last year was also option #7. That means that more than a quarter of all applicants are choosing to use their time very wisely by focusing on improving their understanding of themselves and their world through research and creation.

It's clear that students are finding success using options #5 and #7, which are classic essay choices. Last year, these two options accounted for 50 percent of all applications reviewed by Harvard College.

So if you're looking to maximize your chances of getting into Harvard or other top schools, consider choosing either #5 (explain an accomplishment) or #7 (subject of your choosing).

However, options such as #3 (write a paper on a topic of your choice) and #4 (complete a community service project) are also great choices for students who want to show school administrators they've given thought to how they can help others while earning academic credits.

Can you submit a common app multiple times?

The Common Application, which is accepted by over 900 schools, including several universities situated outside the United States, assists students in streamlining an important aspect of the admissions process. First-time and transfer candidates can both use the site to apply to many universities at the same time. It should be noted that some universities may have page limits for applications so it's important to be careful not to exceed them. Candidates should also be aware that some universities may require specific application forms be sent from only certain sources.

In addition to transferring courses completed at other institutions, applicants can use a common app fee to submit their application again for certain programs. This option is available once per calendar year and cannot be used with other applications or services offered through the common app. The standard fee is $60.

Candidates should be aware that some universities may have page limits for applications so it's important to be careful not to exceed them. Also, universities run by religious bodies may have separate guidelines regarding how many applications they will accept from each candidate. Finally, schools tend to receive more applications in fall than in spring because many candidates wait until after their first semester to see what grades they'll receive before making a decision about applying. So if you aren't getting in anywhere, it might be worth submitting applications in fall as well as spring.

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